beaver dam




  • the defending argument for ryan fitzpatrick's demotion.

  • what are the dolphins doing with tua?

  • can fitz get a trade? will he be a supportive role for the "future"?

  • will leve'on bell get his revenge in a guaranteed blowout?

  • the dumpster fire of dallas grows higher as the selloff begins.

  • week 8 game of the week...pit vs. bal?




  • 25% through the nfl season.

  • fantasy team breakdown...mike or johnny?

  • full afc recap on the first quarter of the season.

  • nhl draft & free agency tapped into.

  • canadiens look good...on paper.

  • covid ravaging the nfl schedule...first tuesday night football this week!




  • nhl covid cup finals set.

  • tampa vs. dallas...who's going to climb the mountain?

  • nfl season kicks off.

  • full week 1 breakdown.

  • is the nfc east the worst division this league has ever seen?




  • special nfl draft edition.

  • Beaver Dam & Eat the Fat segments.

  • full breakdown of each pick.

  • predictions for each superstar and team.

  • final analysis on pre-season selections.

  • when will covid play a factor in the nfl season?




  • nhl covid bubble tournament game 7's.

  • forward looking analysis to conference finals.

  • nfl full preseason breakdown.

  • nfc west: seattle leading the pack.

  • nfc north: chicago falling to the basement.

  • nfc east: dallas needing to make a move on dak.

  • nfc south: #1 division in the nfl.

  • afc west: no one touches kc, but vegas improves.

  • afc east: change at the top with buffalo said to run the table.

  • afc north: baltimore shows off their mvp yet again.

  • afc south: toss up between houston, tennessee & indy for top slot. 




  • sports decide to walk out...cancel & boycott games for several days.

  • has society adopted this political circus as its new "sports"?

  • nhl covid bubble tournament round 2 wrap-up.

  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of the teams slated to move on the conference finals?

  • football is a week away...does it fell like football season?

  • with college football conferences cancelling their seasons, how will that impact the nfl draft and draft pick values?




  • nhl covid playoffs enter round 2!

  • montreal canadians are sent packing and vancouver becomes canada's last hope to win the cup.

  • should they consider trading up in the draft?

  • vegas is a powerhouse in the west, but faces an odd goaltender issue.

  • islanders are a legit playoff style team, and have the makings to keep plowing along.

  • stars are flyin' under the radar...are they the cinderella story in the bubble?

  • nfl talk kicks off...earl thomas, training camps, and more...

  • first touchdown of the season goes to the vegas raiders marketing team after putting together one hellova (collectors edition) package for season ticket holders.




  • nhl covid playoffs are underway!

  • toronoto shits the bed...again! is their future in jeopardy?

  • rangers lock in the #1 overall draft pick, but would it be better to trade it?

  • montreal vs. philly broken down heading into a decisive game 3.

  • tukka rask leaves the bubble to be with his family and newborn...and GOOD FOR HIM!

  • east & west series updates.

  • why playoff hockey isn't the same without the red wings.




  • nhl covid tourny qualifiers wrap up.

  • shocking upsets including both #12 teams from each conference.

  • how will the final qualifier & seeding games pan out over the rest of the weekend?

  • nhl lottery draft selection set for monday...who is this #1 kid?

  • bubble play seems to remain covid-free...will mlb and nfl stay the course?

  • how will covid cases impact nfl, fantasy football, and the betting lines?




  • puck drops on the nhl covid tourny.

  • both #12 teams shock the league with victories.

  • does the top seeded teams actually have a "home ice" advantage?

  • games have a playoff feel to it, but do the arena layouts have the same feel?

  • will mlb's issues with covid force baseball & football to adopt their own "bubble"?

  • basketball keeps its politics on the court...will it effect the view ratings?




  • opening day in baseball starts "just a bit outside"

  • blue jays finally have a home after canada, pittsburgh & baltimore say no!

  • seattle has a new team...will they have a city in tact to welcome the kraken?

  • is commissioner gary bettman finally due for praise in the hockey community?

  • the new washington football team name...real original!

  • politics place in concept or history repeating itself?




  • has the NBA bubble burst already in Orlando? let's ask the instagram DM girls...

  • full breakdown of the NHL playoff and round robin tournament

  • is there a home ice advantage in hub cities?

  • east & west round robin analysis

  • east & west top 4 seeding there a move to lose on purpose?

  • bold pre-tourny predictions for the cup final




  • analyze nfl covid plans and player regulations

  • the new $500 million man in kansas city and what that means for other qb contracts

  • baseball set to start in 2 weeks...with cardboard fans

  • how the mls failed attempt at return to play may impact both nhl & nba plans

  • should sports be considered an essential business? and what impact it has on a community