• an incredible hour with luis martinez, founder and genius behind Unyted.

  • a revolutionary education platform designed to focus on a students individual education.

  • the covid-19 pandemic has added layers of stresses and challenges to an already overloaded school system. Unyted's social & learning curriculum bridges a gap between this tattered system and what the future of education is evolving into.

  • Unyted programs are available in schools and to parents at home.

  • Learn more about Unyted at www.unyted.co




  • an incredible hour with adam steckley, director of operations at Blue Scholars Initiative in miami, fl.

  • started in 2019, Blue Scholars is a non-profit education platform designed to teach 3rd & 4th graders the importance of the biscayne bay ecosystem.

  • even with the pandemic, Blue Scholars has developed a digital learning platform to keep the kids engaged and educated on their role in preserving miami's backyard water world.

  • Learn more about Blue Scholars at www.bluescholars.org




  • an incredible hour with ms. awesome discussing science, space and experiments.

  • how teaching becomes a lifestyle.

  • a creative teaching approach to engage students in hands-on science experiments.

  • a unique comparison to view new covid mandates as a taste for astronaut training life.

  • how working with NASA directly has led to an understanding of how plants can grow in extraterrestrial conditions.

  • is it naive of us to believe that in the vastness of the universe, this small planet is the only one that has the elements in harboring life...even in the simplist of forms?

  • space exploration is back in the headlines, and it is re-igniting our exploration urges.

  • in an uncertain time...an important lesson learned about how an understanding of our inner-self impacts those around us.