eat the fat




  • special nfl draft edition.

  • Beaver Dam & Eat the Fat segments.

  • full breakdown of each pick.

  • predictions for each superstar and team.

  • final analysis on pre-season selections.

  • when will covid play a factor in the nfl season?




  • sports return

  • in a special edition of "eat the fat", we do a broadcast while drafting fantasy baseball teams

  • over an hour of time wasting shit talk about players, teams, and friends

  • the result...1 team loaded with yankee players...while the other loaded with short stops

  • will a 60 game season have an impact on draft strategies?




  • why we need more than korean baseball bat flips

  • 2020 sports will have an *

  • nfl making revenue on 1st 8 rows...why not share that revenue with the ticket holders who have to give up that seat?

  • games without fans will be an AI version of sports

  • how real are the corona test spike numbers? why are governors negotiating rules & orders?

  • the bullshit crime spike excuses we are fed by groups such as the AOC

  • are playoff runs in 2020 comparable to previous years?