shugar coated




  • protests, riots, chaos, and domestic terrorism.

  • how unemployment is affecting businesses trying to restart.

  • is the u.s. dollar able to sustain this economic dip?

  • at what point did politics become the primary focus of people's lives?

  • actors & actresses creating problems where there are non...and indirectly putting themselves out of work.

  • what could the world look like if the leftists gain all the power they seek?

  • where is the follow up on the ufo news from last week?

  • in 50 years from now, how will we view the decisions we are making?




  • covid in the US and the issues of re-shutdowns

  • will sports returning be a crutch for mental health?

  • how politics are playing this crisis like a puppet using fear

  • how supplements & vitamins play an enormous role in assisting immune functionality

  • global economic impact from covid

  • why is this country being so divided?

  • will this chaos end in Nov...regardless of the results?

  • how the "racist" term has cast such a wide net in today's definition